Support Liberia in planning the introduction of the malaria vaccine

Technical assistance to develop and submit the funding application to Gavi for the malaria vaccine programme

EpiLinks successfully supported the Gavi Country Team and Liberia’s Ministry of Health by leading the development and submission of a high-quality Gavi funding application for the malaria vaccine programme. The application aligned to the Gavi Program funding guidelines, met the criteria for a successful approval by the Independent Review Committee (IRC), and followed the Framework for allocation of limited vaccine supply developed by the WHO.
In consultation with the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), and the Ministry of Health, this mission included conducting stakeholder meetings, application writing, and responding to comments from the Gavi IRC. A detailed country Vaccination Introduction Plan was developed with a corresponding detailed workplan for the Malaria Vaccine Programme and a comprehensive budget. The Introduction Plan includes details on a phased introduction approach, strategies to leverage malaria vaccine introduction to expand access to vaccination and/or other health interventions in Zero-Dose communities, reduce missed opportunities for vaccination, and support program integration with other malaria control interventions.