About EpiLinks


EpiLinks is a consultancy agency supporting equitable access to quality health services and products for people living in low and middle-income countries.

EpilLinks was established  in December 2017, building on a long and fruitful experience of collaborations gained by its members on international public health projects.

EpiLinks contributes to infectious diseases prevention and response, through health system strengthening and fostering health stakeholders joint efforts. Using a multisectoral approach, and supporting cross fertilization among public and private sectors, we develop tailor-made solutions that meet the needs, specificities and requirements of the end-users and the various stakeholders. Through the production and analysis of scientific and technical data, we help informing decision-making for the development of health policy, we strengthen capacities and provide technical support for their implementation.

Situated on the outskirts of Geneva, EpiLinks is a French collaborative company applying participative management.


EpiLinks was created by enthusiastic and passionate professionals, sharing a strong commitment to improving equity of access to health services in low and middle income countries.

During their past activities in the field of international public health and development, they designed and implemented together innovative solutions to address some of the challenges faced by countries to improve equitable access to quality health services.

By pooling their expertise, experience and approaches, they found they could propose solutions and interventions adapted to the specific contexts and needs of countries, organizations and health product manufacturers, and hence better address complex and evolving situations.