Liberia Full Portfolio Planning (FPP) application, 2024-2028

Technical assistance to develop and submit the funding application to Gavi for Full Portfolio Planning (FPP)

For Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, EpiLinks is supporting the Liberian Ministry of Health and its Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in the development and submission of a Gavi 5.0 Full Portfolio Planning (FPP) application, covering the period 2024-2028. The application is aligned to the Gavi Program funding guidelines and meets the criteria for a successful approval by the Independent Review Committee (IRC). It is composed of three types of support: Health System Strengthening (HSS); Equity Accelerator Fund (EAF); and Targeted Country Assistance (TCA).
As a part of the FPP process, EpiLinks led a country situational analysis – based on country reports and most recent Zero-Dose analyses, and supported the Liberia EPI developing the Theory of Change (ToC) for Gavi support. The ToC contributes to national immunization goals and reaching Zero-Dose children and missed communities. Its development is a consultative process engaging a multi-stakeholder group of key decision makers and country implementers (e.g. CSOs, funding partners, Alliance partners). The ToC template and narrative were finalized and agreed during two workshops in Monrovia with national stakeholders, Gavi dedicated team, and the EpiLinks expert.

The full proposal, including the detailed work plan, budget, situation analysis and theory of change documents, as well as all required country reports, is subject to approval by the Independent Review Committee.


Date: 12 months (2023-2024)

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance


Isabelle Delrieu

Location: Africa