Our team


Elise Guillermet

Leader – People-centred Health Services

Director of Project Implementation and Monitoring

Philippe Jaillard

Leader – Health Systems and Supply Chain Strengthening

Director of Business Development and Partnership

Isabelle Delrieu

Leader – Sciences and Technologies for Health

Director of Scientific and Institutional Communication a

Experts network

We have developed a network of experts in EpiLinks’ complementary areas or focus areas. These specialists, based in the field or at the global level, can be quickly mobilized to respond in timely and appropriate manner. The mobilizable skills of our network :

Health economics

Data management


Capacity building and Learning science

Health information system

Cold chain and supply chain

Field epidemiology

Medical anthropology

Supply chain analyst

 Partners network

Building on a strong base of past achievements, we have developed a privileged partnership with other organizations. Together, we can leverage our expertise and experience for the development and implementation of joint projects

  • GaneshAID, specialized in health system strengthening, public health supply chain, capacity building and learning, and digital solutions

  • The Learning Flow, specialized in e-learning and training programs

  • Innov-sud, specialized in qualitative studies, social mobilization and communication in West African rural settings

  • OASYS, specialized in grant managements and technical assistance services to support implementation of public health projects and programs in Africa