How we work

Focusing on efficiency and relevance, we aim complying with high quality standards, using scientific-based information, and following strong principles of integrity and transparency

Our approach is based on the following observations:


Health systems need to be continuously strengthened through the implementation of updated effective and adapted policies and techniques, which requires competent and motivated health personnel

Efficient, safe and affordable health products and strategies need to be relevant to the epidemiology and biology of the disease, and adapted to specific context of implementation, including populations needs and acceptability, and health systems capacities and constraints

Successful implementation of health products, strategies, and recommendations requires accurate communication to stakeholders, and training of end-users to maximize their impact

Linking public health partners

We work on fulfilling population needs with adapted health products and policies through supporting dialogue and cross fertilization between people, governments, private health sector, international and regional organizations, academics and civil societies organizations.

Linking expertise

By combining distinct but complementary expertise, we aim at developing products and solutions that are evidence-based and corresponding to biological and epidemiological specific contexts, adapted to end-users needs and ecosystems, and adopted/owned and sustainably implemented by health systems.