Practice areas

EpiLinks implements projects using a multisectoral approach, combining scientific expertise and a deep knowledge of public health systems

Sciences and technologies for health

A good understanding of the biology and epidemiology of a disease, as well as the scientific characteristics and mode of action of a product (vaccine, diagnostic test, medicine) is essential for the development of accurate and efficient interventions, implementation materials and strategies.

Our approach is to work with countries, health stakeholders and manufacturers to develop and implement the best interventions, through supporting advanced and relevant technologies, collecting and analyzing up-to-date scientific data, supporting reliable disease burden data, and participating to field-based evaluations.

Leader: Isabelle DELRIEU

People-centred health services

People-centred approach put end-users and their needs at the center of the design and implementation of medical innovations and strategies.

Our approach mainly uses qualitative methods (i.e. in-depth interviews, observations, case studies, media listening and reviews) to assess the perspectives and practices of both health stakeholders and populations for understanding the drivers and issues related to the access and utilization of healthcare services and products. Our objective is to facilitate tailored interventions for health equity to enhance people’s trust in health system by their information and engagement.

Leader: Elise GUILLERMET

Public health supply chain and health systems strengthening

To meet the needs of people in a changing environment, resilient health systems must be managed by competent and motivated staff and have robust and efficient supply chains. We support the development of a workforce of excellence capable of assessing needs, and formulating, implementing and supporting transformational activities through the assessment of human resources capacities, the definition of human resources development plans and the implementation of tailored training.

Our approach for strengthening logistics systems consists in the support for the development of strategies and projects for the optimization of supply chains and the development of leadership, management and technical capacities of the professionals involved in supply chains management.

Leader: Philippe JAILLARD